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Rainbow in the Dark: Celest PhoenixCall Review

       By ZD      If there's one thing to note about the current IEM space; it's that as manufacturers all compete in the race to the bottom to bring the best performance to price ratio and as this continues IEMs that performed at the $500 price point can be found in the sub-$100 territory and even the sub-$50 and even sub-$20 territories exist now and are quite competitive at this point as well. The downside of all this is that a lot of them tend to all sound very similar and very rarely standout despite being good. A neutral target based on Harman with a slight bass boost is constantly mentioned again and again and again and again by reviewers to the point where the market is starting to get very saturated with these great deals and no one is really taking any risks or standing out anymore. Enter Kinera's budget sub-brand, Celest.     Kinera is a well known name in the ChiFi space bringing some very well build, good performing, and interestingly tuned IEMs to the market r

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